torek, 04. november 2014


"Jovana", 2014, site-specific mixed media installation
Gallery Media Nox, Maribor, from 17th of  October to 28th of November 2014. 

The series of drawings are an attempt to connect a number of places including my own home and the home of my friend Jovana in Serbia. Recent newspapers from both Slovenia and Serbia are also included on the surface of the drawings. I want to cut the pieces of "two lives" and put them together to build a new home out of it and to erase the distance between one place and another.

Personal experience of solitariness of a being, the space between me and the people that I connect with has led me to think about the transience of time. 

I want to cut and destroy the "entirety" which I call "home". I do that by collecting fragments from peoples homes and putting those pieces together to build a new home for myself. This is a continuous search within my work, where I constantly return to the question: what is home?


Downstairs is the little place with photos from the time spent with Jovana at her home. There are also prints/collages (which represent the variations of "new home" based on pictures of Jovana's home) and obituaries from Slovenian and Serbian newspapers.


photo: Tinkara Babić, Jasmina Grudnik

torek, 03. junij 2014

semestral exhibition?

                                             Jovana, a site-specific mixed media installation

torek, 01. april 2014

štamparsko eksperimentisanje ili ko je stvorio štamparsku grešku?

 Belgrade has some secret ways in printmaking.

Experimenting at The Faculty of Fine Arts - on streets of Belgrade, with my friend Jovana Djordjević.

photos, prints by Jasmina Grudnik/Belgrade 2014